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For a long time, the controversy over porn revolved around the idea that giving in to the temptation of porn was a sign of moral flaw. From a religious/Christian point of view, it was a question of guilt. It's a sign you have allowed yourself to be affected with one or more of the most dangerous sins, including lust, and/or excess. Porn can also be viewed as sexual abuse of women, and is viewed as unreal, unhuman beings. Naomi Wolf's piece, The Porn Myth, reveals that excessive exposure to pornography doesn't lead to men becoming sexually hungry beasts. In fact, it causes sexual and emotional anorexics to be unable to relate with real women or becoming aroused by them. Excessive exposure to pornography online could cause men to become depressed. A strong desire to see something that no longer provides the same thrill and temporary relief as it used to.

Recent research implies that internet pornography can be as addicting as other drugs and impacts the brain in the same way. However, the unique thing about porn is the fact that it taps that human need for attachment to, connection and belonging more than the addictive substances, by adding hormones typically connected to bonding, love and connection. In the end, a addict is more attached to porn than anything or anyone else in their lives. In the end, marriages, relationships, work and soon enough the relationship with one's self starts to suffer.

Like all addictions, porn addiction is not without stages. However, unlike other types of addictions, the psychological and emotional effects of porn addiction can be subtle and indiscreet initially. Many porn addicts will seek help for mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety OCD and various other addictions before they think about their porn viewing habits.

More and more studies clearly link issues related to sexual performance, including Erectile dysfunction among males who are in their late teens or early twenties, (something that was almost unheard between 10 and fifteen years ago) due to the ad hoc viewing of online porn. It's only after they are unable to get an erection or get ejaculated even when they are watching porn that men begin to see the connection between their excessive viewing of porn and other issues they face in their lives. It is often the only thing that get's their attention. (Their partners or partners, if they have any, may have known for a while that something was going on, or rather... not happening!)

This sad state of affairs is bad news for both porn addicts and partners of porn addicts. A lot of people spend night after sleeping in bed to a partner who never seems to be 'in the mood' for sex. The result can be devastating to relationships, marriages, as well as the self-esteem of both parties. The nature of the secretive nature of males' porn addiction could mean that some partners may not be aware that they're in a relationship with a porn addict or even if they know of their partner's porn addiction but they might not be able to make the connection initially. They may not be aware of the extent of their partner's porn viewing. The damage it causes to relationships is thus far immeasurable. A website states that 56% of divorces in the U.S. involve one party with an obsession for pornography. This is in addition to other alarming figures.

So do you think the news is negative? No, not really. Recent brain research has demonstrated that the brain is malleable and flexible. It's like plasticine. In fact, the term used to describe the way that the brain can modify itself based upon what it experiences and what is experienced, is known as neuroplasticity. This is a good thing since the same way you encounter a difficult situation is largely the same approach to getting yourself out of it. Although the appeal of internet porn may have been lost a few clicks ago, but the pattern that it has created will be difficult to break. It's not an easy task however it is doable. Men who are unable to be emotionally connected to women or physically and their partners as addicts have little alternative but to end the relationship. Being in a relationship with a porn addict not fun. But, there is a good chance that if you leave a relationship with one porn addict and you're likely to come into another just as addicted or on the path to becoming so and so, as in America at least, sexual addiction (which porn addiction is a form of) has reached epidemic status, according to a 2011 News Week article.

How can you overcome a porn addiction? It's easy however, if not straightforward, and that is simply to stop it. Stop engaging in masturbation with porn. Give your brain the chance to rewire and learn and rediscover what you are used to.

This is the only way to solve it. It was not simple however it is doable. It requires courage, dedication and time to heal from a porn addiction. While there are a myriad of websites that can assist (which I will list under the Resources section below) The key to long-term recovery is having the help of an expert therapist who is educated about the nature of sexual addiction and who takes it seriously. It is a good idea to have a trusted friend or partner (if that is possible) that you know and are able to trust is essential. It is due to the fact that porn and sex abuse may mask other problems. Things like anxiety over intimacy, abandonment fears, attachment disorders, and possibly even trauma. When the defense against porn is gone, there's nothing left to safeguard your subconscious defenses. There's also the possibility that some deep-buried emotional wounds could be reopened.

It is important to be aware of this possibility since many people who attempt to 're-boot' as it is called on websites like Your Brain on Porn and Fight the New Drug often try many times and fail due to being inadequately prepared or lack support.

Online-enabled everything is the new trend. If you have a computer with a porn site blocker installed on it is equivalent to being a computer that does not come with virus protection. Whyis that? because the porn industry is "pulling out all stops" to get as many members as it can to its websites! And they don't care how they are! What's the reason for reckless abandon? We have all the answers here.To get more details on Filmy Porno Learn More Here

Pornography is a multibillion-dollar business. Multi-millions! The industry doesn't earn as much cash today as they did during the 70s and 80s, do they? In the 70's and 80's the industry of pornography was limited to the back of bookshops and was a distant background. If you were looking to get into pornography YOU HAD TO GO TO the PORN INDUSTRY!

This is no longer the case. With the introduction of the internet the porn industry has done what so many successful companies had to do...IT ADAPTED! Instead of traveling to see pornography in person you can get it delivered directly at your doorstep. In your front yard! You don't have to worry about your children ever watching porno movies. Thanks to the internet, you can do it right at your own home!

My last article was entitled "Porn Blockers-The Best Defense for Parents!" I talked about some of the nefarious and sly "tricks" that the porn industry uses to get your children to become lifelong members. These techniques aren't new. They can only be stopped by one thing.

Should you be blocking porn websites from your home computer? If you aren't a fan of porn, you should. Are you married with a wife and kids? If yes, then you definitely need to be blocking porn websites with some kind of adult site filtering software. Porn websites can be very devious in the way they operate. There are many spyware and adware that can be downloaded onto your computer to show only porn-related content. This is something you ought to be aware of especially if you have children.

I've managed a variety of adult websites and I have also worked for some of the largest porn businesses in the industry. I wasn't the one filming or shooting, I was the one working behind the scenes as web developer. I was able to develop membership areas and advertisements that the companies would use. While I do not like the work that I did I'd be glad to help you avoid porn and other harmful substances associated with it.

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